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Welcome to Vincent Castiglia Art website! We are ecstatic to see you browsing the artworks of the world-class artist Vincent Castiglia. We are your one-stop for all of your favorite artworks of American artist, Vincent Castiglia. With his creations, you can artistically accent your home and offices with our extensive selection of paintings of Vincent Castiglia. Find his story that is evident in his artistic and unique artwork that will suit your taste for indoor decor. We have a vast collection of Vincent Castiglia artwork in our online and physical gallery which is all about him as well.

Our shop is located in a not so large gallery with a customized garage door in Las Vegas where you can find all of his artworks. Vincent Castiglia also has done several exhibit events in our gallery. Visit us or order online. Most of the people who live in other cities and countries are asking about purchasing online. Here’s how!

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First, go to our gallery and browse through with the vast numbers of Vincent Castiglia’s artworks and choose the art you want to purchase. To know the description of each art, simply click the photo and a description will pop up. If you are satisfied enough with the art and have decided to buy it, just click it again and add to your cart. Continue doing this if you still want to buy more and then check out if you’re done. You have several payment options to choose from when you are done already with your purchases. That’s how easy to order the artworks of Vincent from us.

Vincent is an American blood painter born in Brooklyn, New York. All of his artworks are created using his own and other people’s blood. He extracted it using a clean syringe from his veins, makes a consistency using water, and exorcizes his monstrous experiences in a canvas. Maybe some of you may find it disgusting or whatsoever but it is all about art and nothing to do with something that will make you disappointed. He puts a lot of effort, passion and his story in all of his creations. Vincent Castiglia has a wonderful and inspiring story being one who suffered from his abusive mother and works very hard for his childhood trauma. With his physical and mental abuse, he expresses himself in a beautiful yet incredibly unique way which is through his art.

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We invite you also to watch his first ever film which is focused on his life story. Vincent Castiglia has an awe-inspiring story that will touch your heart. Critics have praised the director of this film and they show a lot of respect and support to Vincent. Watch the film now entitled the Bloodlines and show some support too. Indeed, he is a great and wonderful man with awesome talents and skills.
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