This website partnered with the American blood painter himself, Vincent Castiglia. Our platform provides access to all of his unique and visceral artworks. Discover his works by browsing our website or by visiting our physical gallery in Las Vegas. In keeping with our wish to make his art more accessible to more people and showcase his talents and unique arts, we also offer an online art advisory service available for those who would like to buy his works but couldn’t visit our gallery personally. And so, to be more convenient and easy for you to purchase, we’ve created this online gallery shop exclusively for all the artworks of Vincent Castiglia. To guide you on the buying process, please see our blog for it.

About Vincent Castiglia Paintings, shop, art gallery,  artworks Brooklyn, New York

We are in the online business for 5 years now and our service and legitimacy are proof enough for you to trust us. We are not new in this field. In fact, we have done this thing before from other artists. We market their artworks to showcase their talent and amazing skills in paintings and now, we have decided to market Vincent Castiglia’s works of art. We believe that he is a man who is full of interesting stories in life and we have been amazed by his unique paintings so we thought that it could be good if another artist from Las Vegas would be renowned in his field. Supporting local artist like Vincent is our mission.

Our website is a platform where you can find all of his works only. Please feel free to ask us questions if you have them. You can also join our newsletter by filling up the form you can find here and by clicking submit. You will be the first one to know if there are new artworks that would be on sale. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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