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Leah: I have been watching the Bloodlines three times where the story of the American artist Vincent Castiglia was revealed. I salute the director of Bloodlines for being a great director on this project and Vincent for being able to share his story publicly. It is very inspiring and interesting. I know that he’d been gone through a lot since he was young on the hands of his mother and now he is a successful man and an artist. Have you guys watched it already? If not, then you must watch it.

James: @Leah, yes! I’ve watched Bloodlines and it is truly an inspirational film that takes us to the depth of despair. His story is somewhat unique for me and then tells how Vincent Castiglia survives for being subservient. A one-of-kind artist that truly needs support and love. Everyone should see this film and I know that whoever watches it will get inspiration from this man.

Evelyn: Vincent Castiglia is truly an inspiration to everyone not just to those who have been into depression or those who drown in their addiction to drugs abuse but also to all of us. Living with an abusive mother brings Vincent Castiglia into a world of despair which encourage him to engage in such things. And now, we can see that he is a successful, talented, skilled, and unique artist in this era.

Ben: Never had the time to watch it but I will find my way to do it. I really love Vincent Castiglia and his work. I’ve bought a few of his artworks and displayed it in my office and soon will get another for my house.

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