Garage Door Repair for Dents

Garage Door Repair for Dents

Steel and aluminum garage door is created from light material so that they can lift easily. But these doors are easy to dent that will affect the performance of the garage door. These dents should be repaired to prevent the door from further damages. Thankfully, you can fix the minor dents yourself or call a professional to replace the garage door panel. Click here to learn more about garage door problems or their solutions.

Why garage door dents?

An insulated metal garage door is an expensive option as compared to others as it is created with metal skin surrounding a core. Insulated garage door enhances the energy efficiency and protects it from being bent. These garage doors need low maintenance as compared to fiberglass or wooden garage door, so the majority of the homeowner have preferred aluminum garage doors.  A garage door made from 24 to 28 tons of steel will be got dent easily by front bumper hit, any ball hit, or other accidents.

Does the garage door need to be replaced quickly?

Garage door dent fixing is necessary. Replacing the single penal is not a final option. However, you should need to replace the entire penal in the case of a large dent rather than struggling to bend it back to its original position. To deal with the large problematic area, you must adopt some precautions. These safety techniques will help you to avoid making the issue worse, for example, bending the penal to make it out of shape that can affect the opening or closing operations. A section garage door is created with the assembling of different panels. So that a single panel replacement will save the cost of entire garage door replacement.

DIY garage door penal repair

If you are not confident to perform DIY project then call a specialist technician. But if you are well familiar with the features of aluminum of garage door and comfortable with the handy tools, you will enjoy the DIY work. There are plenty of DIY techniques to fix the dents depending on the condition of damages, location, and type of garage door material.  Some dents can be filled with the help of fillers to level them to the surface of the garage door. You have to repaint the dented area in order to hide the patchwork.

Using the physical force is another common DIY technique of dent removal. Push the dented area with the help of a block of wood or a hammer to level the garage door. Thus, tap a piece of wood over the dented area with a rubber mallet or a wooden hammer. Apply the required amount of force until the dent starts to even out. Continue the force until the dent is gone.

Another beneficial technique to remove a garage door dent is through continuously cooling and heating the problematic area. Take a hairdryer and warm the affected area for about 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t forget to place the dryer far enough to prevent the door from overheating. It can cause paint damages and crack. Once the dented area has been warmed, spray it using compressed air for a few seconds. The blast of cool air should force the metal to contract speedily, popping the dent out to its original place automatically.